Road to Dali

 The recently opened Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Fl. hosted a celebration in homage to the late Spanish surrealist, who deprived himself of sleep to have more vivid dreams to paint.  It is surprising to many that the modern center of surrealist art is located in the Tampa Bay area. The focal point is the well-regarded Dali Museum, which relocated to their new building, designed by noted architect, Yann Weymouth. Not surprisingly designers and stylists in the region, while influenced by Dali, modernized the surreal aesthetic. When Amalia Bracho needed an outfit for one of the gala events associated with the museum opening, she knew she needed to call on one of our friends, Mario Gomez, a local fashion designer, while Muse The Salon was in charge of hair and make up. Our talented friend producer Omar Sheik   was with us to record the events that lead Amalia’s transformation in the road to Dali.


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